Mark has had a wide range of experience in his 16 years as a litigation lawyer. Mark previously worked as a lawyer in a small local firm, as branch manager for a Sydney based firm, and as Senior Associate for a National firm. He has the experience and knowledge to assist clients to achieve optimum results in a time effective way.

Accredited Specialist

Mark is an Accredited Specialist in Personal Injury law. The compensation laws in NSW have changed a lot in recent times and are subject to ongoing change, which means lawyers need to act quickly to preserve clients' rights. It is a highly specialised area of law and you need someone on top of the changes to guide you through the various systems.

Direct Communication

When you have a question about your case you expect a quick and considered response from someone who knows where your case is up to, and where it is going. Many clients become frustrated at larger firms when they are told by their lawyer that, "I will have to talk to my supervising partner and get back to you" before providing an answer. This can mean waiting days (if not weeks) to receive a response. That is not acceptable. At Johnston Legal you can always speak to Mark about your case.


Larger firms have lawyers with varying degrees of experience and expertise in handling litigation claims, and as a new client your claim will be allocated randomly to one of their lawyers. You don't take this unnecessary risk when you engage Johnston Legal to handle your claim as Mark handles your claim from start to finish.

Thorough Preparation

Although many cases settle through negotiations with an insurer, some claims still end up going to court. If you are in this situation you need to have confidence that your lawyer is prepared and ready to present your case before the court. You need an experienced litigator, and Mark has that experience. He is a NSW Law Society Accredited Specialist in Personal Injury law, and those litigation skills apply to areas other than compensation such as Employment law, contract disputes, Disputed wills, Superannuation claims and Local Court appearances (and others).

"No win no fee" for compensation claims

Insurers often write to people with compensation and insurance claims and make offers of settlement. Insurers do this because they know that people will accept their offers without consulting a lawyer. This can mean people resolve their claims for amounts well below their claim's value. Compensation claims are handled on a 'no win, no fee' basis so you should use the benefit of Mark's experience to handle your claim and advise you in respect to any offer received.

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Locations Served

Johnston Legal is based in Wollongong, but able to service clients from other areas such as Nowra, Bowral, Goulburn, Campbelltown, Sydney, Far South Coast, Central Coast, Canberra and other locations by appointment.

Contact Mark for a free initial appointment on (02) 4225 2677 or send an email enquiry.

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